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Who we are

212° Academy began in 2020, with former Division I coach, John Mahoney, leading the team and bringing a positive environment for all players and families invested and believing in his coaching. After years of coaching some of the best Post Grad, NCAA and NBA players in the country, John, found it to be time to a bring all of his years of experience to one place to build. Adding in an additional level of 'Family' to the mix and teaching more than on the court, but off the court in life skills scenarios.  

Players, coaches, trainers, and teams from around the world come to be coached at the highest level by an elite coach. 212° prepares it's athletes for the college basketball lifestyle, from practice, strength training, nutrition, academics, and life skills.  Over the years, the program will develop into one of the nations leading Post Graduate and High School basketball options for athletes around the world. 

Mission Statement

"212° Academy is a High School and Post-Graduate program in Sarasota, Florida. Our Post-Grad program is focused on serving as a 'Gap' between a high school graduate and college basketball. Our goal, by the time you leave our program, you will have the experience and skill set to have a leg up on the competition. 

212° Academy works daily on fundamentals and teaching the game of basketball.  We pride our program on players with great character and high on the court IQ.   

We provide each student athlete with instructional and developmental training geared towards helping him reach their full potential on and off the court.  We stress 'Giving the extra effort, going the extra mile and doing more'  to our players in our program.

We will not only help you become a better player on the court, but mold you off the court as well.  In addition, you will be required to do Community Service, attend Life Skills sessions, and personal development sessions.

Concerning recruiting, we are constantly talking to our players about finding that "fit" for their secondary education as well as their basketball fit.  We want our players to go where they are wanted, where they have their major, and are most comfortable.  We have a plan, and we work the plan the whole time the student athlete is enrolled with us.  Once you are a player of mine you will be part of my family forever.:"

--John Mahoney (Founder and Head Coach)

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