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Athletic Club and Associations Partnership

Educational Resource Team partners with 212° Academy and other associations around the world to help leaders & educators better empower their own student athletes.

Recruiting Education

How to navigate the recruitment and NCAA Eligibility process.


Winning Applications

Essays, resumes and supplements and sport - the true student-athlete.


The Admission Process

How do colleges decide who gets in and why - grades, classes, test scores, yield and purposeful campus visits.


Coaching the Coaches

We help educate the coaches and staff with up-to-date knowledge of the recruiting process, admissions requirements, and NCAA rules so they can be advocates for their students. 

Elevation Prep

Core Course Offerings
  • Regular​
  • Honors
  • Advanced Placement (AP)​
Elite Electives
  • Program Specific Electives
  • Life Skills​
  • College/Career Counseling
Specialized Programs
  • Elite Academy Programs (Elite Electives)
  • English Language Program (ESL)
  • School-2-Career: On Job Training
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