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  • How much is Tuition?
    The best way to understand the cost of tuition is to have a conversation with our staff and ultimately apply! Because there are so many variables that go into our tuition costs, we take into a handful of factors. Factors such as: Athletic Ability & Overall Skill, Academic Standing, Positional Needs, Financial Assistance Needed, College Offers/Interest to name a few. We only have a set number of beds and roster spots available, once we're full on a certain position they're filled. So, reach out today and apply and let's figure out what's the best situation for you!
  • Do You Offer Scholarships & Financial Aid?
    Yes. Scholarships are available based on a handful of factors. Positional needs, Athletic Ability, Academic Success, and of course Financial Need. Also, with the recent Florida bill expanding School Vouchers, makes every Florida student enrolled in private school, eligible for $8,000 in Tax Dollars!
  • How Do I Start The Admissions Process?
    First Step is to either Apply for our program on the 'Apply Now' page or if you have questions regarding the program or anything at all, please use our 'Contact Us' page and fill out the form.
  • Is the Admissions Process Competitve?
    100%, just like in any sport we have to fill our roster. There's only so many seats in the classroom, spots on the court, and beds in the dorms. We focus on low athlete to coach ratios for more focused coaching. Applications are filled on a daily basis from all over the world, hosting everyone from Japan, Russia, Brazil to England and even right here in Florida.
  • What is a Post Grad Program?
    Post Graduate Program is a program option for High School Graduates. Unlike Junior College or NCAA/NAIA Schools, 'Post Grad' doesn't effect your eligibility years. There's a handful of reasons someone goes Post Grad. You could be unsatisfied with next years opportunities and want to keep working for a better fit. Sometimes, College's request you to do a Post Grad year to develop more in a number of areas before they offer you. In some cases, you're focused on academics and need to work on getting your GPA or test scores up in order to be eligible. Regardless of your reason, there's a ton upside in Post Grad. The NCAA allows basketball athletes a 1 year grace period after high school before they are allowed to take away eligibility years. It can be hard to find a good fit for college right out of high school. Post Grad will give you the opportunity to make yourself more attractive for college coaches to extend you a offer academically and athletically. Especially now, with the current college sports climate to find a good fit for college athletes right out of High School is harder than ever thanks to the new transfer portal rules.
  • I'm Not From the Unites States, Can I Still Attend?"
    Absolutely, in every season we had a handful of student-athletes from outside the U.S. from countries like Japan, Senegal, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and many more! We will help with getting Visa's or anything needed to join our program and be part of the 212° Academy family.
  • Why is 212° Academy Different From the Other Schools?
    Every school is different. We know this. We preach finding the right fit, before you commit to us just the same as we do before you commit to your college. Our Academy's experience is focused fully on mimicking the NCAA College experience as much as possible. Our goal is that when you go to school after you're with us, you'll be ahead of all the other freshmen in your class. That's physically, mentally, and how you carry yourself. This is the extra degree from hot water at 211° and boiling water at 212°. Our focus is to take that one step farther beyond just your athletics, but in every aspect. We're creating a culture where College Coaches know what kind of student-athletes they can get when they recruit at 212° Academy.
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