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212° Academy Expands to offer High School Basketball

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

After the widely successful 2020-2021 season, 212° Academy had their eyes set to grow and help more student athletes as they enter their second year. 212 (Two Twelve) had won over 20 wins this season in their first year, which even had a runner up finish in the annual Big Shots National Post Grad Tournament.

Preparing for the 2021-22 season, John Mahoney and 212° Academy have now fully partnered with Elevation Preparatory Academy to fully offer High School boys Basketball. In the previous year 212° had only one sole Post Graduate team in their program, with around 10 players on the roster consistently.

Elevation Preparatory Academy’s new campus is located at 1077 South Euclid Avenue in Sarasota, Florida. Elevation began in 2009 mostly as an International Sports Academy with students in grades 9 -12 playing and training in their sport of choice for half the day and academics during the second half. Since Elevation began, they have grown to include training academies such as: Florida International Baseball Academy, Sarasota International Volleyball Academy, 212° Sports Academy, Jack Bullas Golf Academy, Celsius Tennis Academy, and the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School. Next year, Florida International Football Academy (American Soccer) will begin its inaugural season.

“We are really excited to add 212° Sports Academy to our list of elite partners,” said Jeff Howard, “John and his staff genuinely care about the future of every student, and he pushes them to be better students, better athletes and more importantly better people.”

With this growth, and a bit more time in preparation for the season given the lifted restrictions with Covid-19, 212° Academy will also be planning to have two (2) teams for both their High School program, as well as their Post Grad Program. This brings the total to 24 roster spots for the Post Grad Program and 24 for the High School as well.

To Apply: Please like and share on social media and stay tuned to our 'News' tab on our website, our Twitter and Facebook for more news as the season goes!

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